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What is the best airsoft gun brand on the market?  – Read our full review to make up your own mind.

The global airsoft industry is very rich and versatile. That is why there are several brands and producers from all over the world.

Are you looking for reliable and high-quality products? If yes, then you can count on a few airsoft brands. As a well-seasoned airsofter, you may have your favorite brand(s). However, it is hard for beginners and all new-comers to know the best airsoft brand that suits their needs.

That is why we reviewed the most popular airsoft brands, and we reviewed them to help you know their strengths and weaknesses. To learn more about the top airsoft brands on the market, read our reviews below.

The brands target different types of airsofters, depending on their budget and what they need for the game, so we separated the brands according to this. It is important to know that cheap products are still reliable, and they are ideal for gamers on a budget because they use cheap materials and less fancy features providing gamers with a good experience.

These Airsoft brands are budget-friendly, so they target new airsofters who are looking for affordable brands. The brands being cheap do not mean they are not of good quality, but they are not advanced like the most expensive brands.

The motto of CYMA Airsoft is innovative and affordable airsoft guns.

CYMA is from China. They make the best and most affordable airsoft products, making them perfect for gamers on a budget.

Even though CYMA specializes in making cheaper copies of the top-notch models from different brands, including Tokyo Marui, their products are pretty good. In fact, I love their AK AEG with metal receivers, easily upgradeable designs, and full metal gearbox.

Are you looking for something a bit more advanced? You will love their line of AEGs with a full metal body. They not only produce the AK line, but they also produce M5s, M4s, and M14s, which are much cheaper than the price of the top-notch AEG. It is a budget brand, so do not expect too much durability.

CYMA also produces parts and accessories, so gamers can appreciate how easy it is to use their guns with chargers and batteries. Their products are not the best in quality, but you can get gaming as soon as you get them.


  • Its products come ready to be used from the box.
  • It has great prices
  • It offers several parts and accessories.
  • A good AK line that has a solid gearbox
  • It makes copies of high-end designs and different models.


  • Most of their designs are only perfect for beginners.
  • Their models are less durable.

You can browse CYMA Airsoft products by clicking the button below.

If I were to compare Lancer Tactical and CYMA, I would say Lancer Tactical makes better quality products. However, this depends on preferences because I will understand if you tell me you like other affordable airsoft brands betters.

I specifically like their Heavy Machine Guns, Bolt Action Springs, and their lines of rifles with licenses. And there is more to this brand because it offers a great collection of tactical and protective gear, AKs, and M4s. Their AKs are not that good, like the ones CYMA makes, but they are still great.

I think Lancer Tactical is an ideal brand for anyone not looking for an entry-level weapon and does not have the skills and experience to use an advanced airsoft gun. Many good players love their brands even though they are a little more expensive.


  • Offers durability and good speed
  • Has broad models and gear
  • Good quality and internals


  • It is more expensive than other cheap brands.

You can browse Lancer Tactical products by clicking the button below.

Cybergun is from France, they changing the landscape because almost all the other brands are from Asia. Moreover, they can make models that are real steel replicas because they have licensing agreements with numerous manufacturers of firearms. The logos and trademarks of real steel guns make their airsoft guns look more authentic even if they are not replicas.

Even though Cybergun uses ABS plastic to make most of their airsoft guns, the quality of their weapons is quite good. Cybergun is ideal for beginner gamers because it has low prices and offers a wide variety of products. It also offers interesting accessories, such as optics and targets. As a beginner, you can use their accessories to improve your game.


  • It has great prices
  • It is perfect for beginners
  • It can license their models with real steel trademarks
  • It offers a wide range of accessories and models


  • It does not offer the best quality products.
  • Its products are not really durable.
  • Uses ABS plastic for most designs

You can browse Cybergun products by clicking the button below.

It uses real steel trademarks and logos on real steel weapons replicas, just like Cybergun. In my opinion, the replicas they make are nice-looking, and I absolutely love their Walther’s, Colt’s, Ruger’s, Beretta’s, and Smith & Wesson replicas.

Truthfully, many collectors own numerous models of Umarex because their designs are so life-like. Interestingly, it offers a wide range of airsoft guns, including spring rifles, gas-powered weapons, and AEGs.

Umarex is originally based in Germany, and the good thing is that there is an actual Umarex subsidiary in the USA, meaning it is easy to get in touch with the company because it makes their products locally. You can easily get in touch with them when you need to.

I must mention that I only listed Umarex as a budget brand because of its smaller guns, which is their pistols. However, their big guns are expensive, and they fit the top-notch brands better.


  • Offers a wide range of products
  • It is great quality for entry-level guns
  • It has cool-looking licenses
  • It makes realistic replicas.


  • Its small weapons are entry-level.

You can browse Umarex products by clicking the button below.

They are mainly known to produce cheap spring airsoft guns, but many gamers love their pistols. Even though their products are made of plastic, they are quite durable. However, their products are not that high-quality. It seems their spring weapons are only durable because they do not have moving parts like motors.

UK Arms is a perfect choice if you are a beginner and you want to test out your abilities. They also make protective gear, which you can use during your first games. However, I will never encourage anyone to use a $10 pistol during a game.


  • It makes a great line of protective gear.
  • It offers durable guns.
  • It has amazing prices.


  • It is not the best quality.
  • It makes plastic body and internals.

You can browse UK ARMS products by clicking the button below.

AGM, a Chinese producer, makes airsoft guns and parts, and it also offers some unique models, such as the British MKII Stem SMG, the German MP40, and the MP44.

It is easy to consider AGM to be expensive and high-end because it offers rifles, shotguns, powerful bolt action sniper rifles, and full-metal AEGs with remarkable performance.

I specifically like their full metal M4s and M16s. However, they also offer airsoft guns that you can only use for plinking in your backyard.

In conclusion, do not buy on impulse even though they come with different, more diverse offers. To purchase durable and good quality products, do a thorough review of their products.


  • Offers full metal designs
  • It has great prices
  • Offers remarkable power on bolt action sniper rifles
  • It offers several unique, cool designs
  • It has diverse offers.


  • Do proper research because not all their products feature good quality!

You can browse AGM products by clicking the button below.

APS, a budget-friendly producer, is the last on my list of the products I would recommend beginners testing out their skills with plinking. Although some of their accessories seem interesting, I would still not recommend one of the APS guns in a game.

However, if asked to recommend an APS airsoft gun, I would recommend the M4s because they are much better from a qualitative point of view. I do not highly recommend their line of AKs because their rate of failure is too high.


  • It offers superior accessories
  • Somewhat good M4s
  • It has affordable prices.


  • Most of their designs have a high rate of failure.

You can browse APS products by clicking the button below.

Redwolf Airsoft

Redwolf is not an airsoft gun producer; however, it is one of the most popular general retailers and airsoft brands in the world. They have good prices, so I had to include them in the budget brands section. However, you can get some of the top-notch airsoft guns in their shop.

Many players, regardless of their budget, can find a product they can buy from their shop because they have rich offers. Redwolf, an oversea company, is based in Hong Kong. It also has a branch in the UK, which serves Europe and the USA. It is possible to choose the location of the warehouse when you are placing your order.

Generally, it practices low prices, but this depends on your location, and it is important to pay attention to the shipping fee when placing your order because the shipping fee can be quite large. In terms of quality, they sell the best guns that follow the best standards. And they are great because they love introducing new products all the time.


  • It has an easy to use platform
  • It has great prices
  • It offers lots of accessories
  • It offers large guns variety.


  • There several complaints about their customer service
  • It does not produce the weapons
  • It has high shipping fees.

You can browse Redwolf Airsoft products by clicking the button below.

High-End Brands

Are you looking for high-end airsoft brands? The brands I included in this category are known to make high-end weapons with realistic looks and impressive features. Just know that the order of these brands is important.

The top-notch brand on the market is the Systema Professional Training Weapons. The airsoft guns, they create, feel extremely real because they use computerized optical technology and work with the AEGs. In addition, the dimensions are real steel, meaning you can use real guns’ accessories, such as slings, holsters, and optics.

As expected, the guns they produce are used in real training exercises. Do you want one for your collection? If yes, you should make sure you have enough funds for their high prices. Even though they make great M90 models, they focus more on MAX and SUPERMAX designs. Some tools and assembly skills are required to make the kit.


  • It allows upgrades on most weapons
  • The kits are for players who are on a budget
  • It offers real steel size and feels
  • You can use the guns in real training
  • It offers top-notch, powerful weapons.


  • It has high prices, but it is important to know you get what you pay for.

You can browse Systema products by clicking the button below.

I admit that Tokyo Marui is my personal favorite brand, and when many advanced players are looking for a high-end airsoft gun, this is the first brand they think of.

The producer is based in Japan; however, it ships their weapons all over the world. And you can find their weapons in the popular airsoft stores, such as huge retailers like eBay or Amazon. It has a collection of phenomenal GBBs, powerful AEGs, gear for snipers, and spring weapons.

Generally, Tokyo Marui produces well-designed guns, even when featuring ABS bodies. They design most of their top-quality weapons with an all-metal body or metal and ABS. In most cases, their guns can withstand lots of abuse on the field because they are durable.

Accuracy is another feature that is characteristic of the Tokyo Marui. The price is indeed very high, but you may not want a gearbox that will bail on you during the first skirmish. As a driven player, the gearboxes of Tokyo Marui are extremely helpful because they support improvements.


  • It has fantastic GBBs
  • It makes accurate, durable, and advanced guns
  • It adheres to high manufacturing standards
  • It offers a wide range of products.


  • It offers expensive products.
  • Their AEGs are not that great anymore because there are others of the same quality at lower prices.

You can browse Tokyo Marui products by clicking the button below.

Classic Army is your ideal brand if you are looking for a high-quality AEG, with plenty of power, impressive performance, and good internals.

Even though they make guns with both full-metal bodies and ABS, the most impressive aspect is their internals. Classic Army painstakingly implements well-designed motors and above-average gearboxes that will not fail in the field.

They make AKs, M4s, M16s, and more on this line, but I completely love their M132 micro gun. I like to think of it like a beast in disguise. CA knows how to properly produce gas-powered guns. When it comes to this category, CA likes to go all-in.

Generally, the brand of CQB players is CA. Why? It makes durable airsoft weapons that do not let the players down, especially when the fight becomes heated.


  • It makes sturdy, solid bodies
  • It has powerful GBBs
  • Its CQB weapons are easy to handle and carry
  • It has great AEGs
  • It makes high-quality internals.


  • Some of its mid-quality products are overpriced.
  • Their best products are expensive.

You can browse Classic Army products by clicking the button below.

The name of this airsoft gun manufacturer is I Chih Shivan Co., in full, and it is based in Taiwan. They are successful because of their constant seeking for innovation, and they make great AEGs. Players love their split gearboxes design because they make it easier to maintain the gun. I also admire their power and general durability. Most of their weapons can fire at 350+ FPS.

In most cases, ICS can ship weapons with the required accessories, so you do not have to look for the complete gear. Unfortunately, their parts do not play properly with the parts of other producers. That is why if you already have some weapons, you cannot mix and match them. This forces you to buy all the parts from ICS.


  • It ships most of its guns with accessories.
  • Their weapons are easy to maintain because of the split gearbox design.
  • The weapons have good power and durability.
  • It offers high-end AEGs.


  • ICS guns do not accept parts of other producers
  • It has high prices

You can browse ICS products by clicking the button below.

It is another great AEG producer based in Taiwan. I was impressed by Guay and Guay’s high performing gearbox, which is a completely redesigned V2 gearbox.

They use metal bodies and durable ABS to keep the internals safe, and the indicator of advanced quality is their tight bore barrels.

The design of most of their weapons is bad-ass; the design comes with retractable stock and rails, a good pistol grip, and handguards, allowing you to install several accessories. The feature of their guns includes a solid body and a compact design.

Although it is a top-notch brand, G&G does not shine on other aspects, including accessories. It is a good idea to avoid them because many players have complained about their accessories being low-quality and frail. Another fault you might notice is their battery. G&G still use NiCad batteries with their models. However, NiCad batteries are not as effective as their LiPo or NiMh counterparts. Fortunately, it is easy to solve this problem. To solve it, you just buy a good battery.I truly love their M16 due to their level of accuracy. However, do not expect all of their weapons will perform perfectly. And their Combat Machine series is one of their best ones on the market right now.


  • It is highly accurate and fast
  • It has great Combat Machine series
  • It has a bad-ass design
  • It has a durable, sturdy body
  • It has an easy to maintain gearbox.


  • Most of their mid-level weapons are overpriced.
  • It favors NiCad batteries.
  • It offers poor-quality accessories.

You can browse G&G products by clicking the button below.

KWA is a serious brand, and you may know this if you have tried one of their Blowbacks or AEGs. It is one of the leading brands to make airsoft replica weapons for law enforcement and military training.

I love that it focuses on innovation. That is why it made NS2 Blowback and 2GX Mechbox that increases reliability and performance. Their weapons come equipped with metal bodies or solid ABS, state-of-the-art internals, and high-end gearboxes. And most of their models can not only shoot at over 400FPS but are also accurate right from the box.

One other advantage of this brand is it uses LiPo batteries. However, other producers are still using NiMh batteries or even worse NiCad batteries. This shows that the models of this brand are fast and powerful. It is easy to get disappointed because of their lack of diversity. However, I think it is due to their focus on quality more than anything else.


  • The brand focus on innovation
  • It makes weapons for the army and law enforcement training
  • It has impressive internals
  • It has accurate and powerful high-end designs
  • It produces durable and reliable weapons.


  • It has somewhat steep prices.
  • It only produces classics.

You can browse KWA products by clicking the link below.

This brand is based in Japan, and it is mostly known to produce LGM AEGs. They focus on top-notch internals that give their weapons good accuracy and power, and they also focus on an all-metal body, but not all of their models have an all-metal body. The full-metal gearbox of all of their models is durable and reliable.

This brand ships their models with a magazine, charger, and battery, and I like their all-metal M4 AEG line because it can shoot up to 420FPS out of the box. Keep in mind that the A&K airsoft brand is perfect for beginner airsofters because it provides entry-level guns.

Are you looking for a durable and accurate product that is easy to use? Then, you might want to check out their rifles, carbines, or machine guns. They can do the trick!


  • It well-equips its products from the box.
  • It produces reliable and durable products.
  • It makes a fantastic M4 AEGs line.
  • It offers an all-metal gearbox.


  • Their weapons are best used as support weapons.
  • It offers mostly entry-level weapons.

You can browse A&K products by clicking the button below.

It is based in Hong Kong, and this brand is well-known to create beautiful and bad-ass training designs and MilSim. They do not sacrifice on quality by producing cheaper weapons because their main objective is to offer all airsofters the top-notch models.

To maintain the quality of their weapons, their experienced technicians assemble and fine-tune each G&P AEG by hand. When buying their airsoft gun, you are sure you are buying a top-notch airsoft gun that follows the highest standards of reliability and quality. And they do not just make AEGs only; they also make shotguns and gas options. As an airsofter, you will have several options to choose from.

The most interesting part is they produce grenade launcher attachments, which are great additions to the kit of an advanced player.

G&P firmly believes in real-steel coating and CNC precision machining. That is why almost all of their products look and feel like real weapons. Looking for reliable close, or a medium-range weapon? If yes, G&P is the go-to brand.


  • It makes reliable and well-designed products
  • It offers good offers with interesting touches
  • It produces top-notch models that feel and look like real models
  • It has several years of experience in creating real weapons


  • It has a few long-range options.

You can browse G&P products by clicking the button below.


Even though the list can be longer, the listed airsoft brands are the best brands because they are the best brands when it comes to the price category.

I encourage you to start slowly. As a beginner, you might not be sure about airsoft, so it's probably a good idea to start with a cheaper gun. Try out the cheap gun first. As your skills improve with target practice, you can buy a gun that suits your budget and that you can use comfortably in a game.

Lastly, take a look at the top-notch brands if you are passionate and really want to improve your skills. High-ends are expensive, but they are worth it.